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Today is Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Unlock your Nokia SL3 phone @UBL

Nokia SL3 Unlock Codes 24H MAX

Extremely cheap Nokia SL3 unlock codes garanteed. We unlock all Nokia SL3 based phones, except those that have 20-digit NCK code. if you try to submit requests for those phones you will NOT GET A REFUND!!! Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Time needed to unlock single Nokia SL3 is usually few hours.


  • Generate Nokia SL3 unlock codes garanteed. All Level of codes provided
  • User interface is easy and convenient to use and provide full control over your logs.
  • Check the progress of your Nokia SL3 unlock codes
  • We support log files of all available boxes in the market, except Dejan logs.
  • We are constantly upgrading servers and optimizing software to provide best service for you.
  • Best Nokia SL3 unlock codes bruteforce server on net
  • We can unlock Nokia SL3 unlimited quanity of phones daily
  • Unlock Nokia SL3 with an average calculation time: 2.6 minutes/phone + waiting time of queue (Very fast unlock for lowest price)
  • Our system is available 24/7
  • If you are 'home user' you can unlock your single Nokia SL3 too. No extra skill needed!
  • E-mail notification after your job is done
  • Discount available for bulk requests
  • Unlock Nokia SL3 garanteed using a standard USB cable as supplied with your Nokia SL3. You don't need any special box or F-bus cables.
  • Nokia SL3 unlock guaranteed method is completely safe. You can restore the lock state any time to the original state if needed for warranty claims.
  • When you read the log, make sure the Nokia SL3 unlock codes has 15 digits NCK otherwise calculation will be 'NOT AVAILABLE' and there is NO REFUND on 20 digits NCK!
  • Do NOT send Telcel mexico logs -> Entering NCK (Network Control Key) has been disabled by provider, you cannot enter to phone!

How to find HASH from Nokia SL3 phones :

  1. Use your favorite Nokia Box or the free Nokia SL3 USB HASH reader to read HASH from your Nokia SL3 using cable
  2. Open the file in any TXT editor
  3. Select the FIRST 40 digits of the HASH KEY
  4. For exemple Nokia SL3 file readed from phone using Cyclone Nokia Box will looks like this:
  5. We ONLY REQUIRE the FIRST 40 characters this means :
  6. Enter the IMEI of your Nokia SL3 and put that 40 characters in the HASH field.
  7. Wait for the delivery of your Nokia SL3 unlock codes guaranteed in less than 24 HOURS.

Hash ID
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2015-07-19 12:35:52
Sprint USA iPhone (Premium) Submission

Kindly note the next Sprint USA iPhone (Premium) Imeis submission is on 2nd August.
If you wish to cancel your Open orders kindly reach us through contact us form.

Thank you.

Admin - UnlockByLogs.com

2015-07-18 15:42:06
EID Mubarak

EID Mubarak to all.

Viru - UnlockByLogs.com

2015-07-18 10:40:53
Canada Services Updated 18-07-2015

Service Update 18-07-2015

Bell Canada Service Back online.
Telus Canada Service Back online.
Rogers Canada Credit consumption updated.
Credit Consumption Revised for Several Services.

Admin UnlockByLogs.com

2015-07-06 08:41:45
Samsung and ATT USA (Not Stable)

We would like to inform you that there are issues with Samsung USA and AT&T USA services and it shall be resumed this week.
We shall keep you updated about the pending orders. Kindly do not submit new orders if you cannot accept the turnaround time with delays.

Thank you.

2015-06-26 04:14:52
Iphone Rogers/Fido Canada All models

Hello all,
Prices for Iphone Rogers/Fido Canada All models changed. less prices more benefits for all users of www.unlockbylogs.com

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